Petoji Product Review!

Petoji is a high quality dog supply company, that makes leashes and collars with a twist!

What we received!

What We Received

One Six Foot “Blue Adventure” Leash

One”Red Adventure” Collar

Two dog saying Stickers

I really enjoy the Petoji company, their products are very useful if you go hiking or your put tends to get dirty a lot! Their leashes and collars are made with a Coated webbing that makes the leashes and collars water and dirt proof! Because of this that also means that the collars and leashes prevent fading and staining! I love how bright and vibrant all of the leashes are! They are very simple which I personally enjoy as well, since you can pair it with more! Our Leash and collar set pairs to being a”Captain America Set” which I thought was a very interesting idea and I enjoyed It being as Quinnley’s theme is comic books! The leash has a Caribbeaner clip that is easy to get on and off once you get the hang of it! There is a clip by the handle to put any dog related necessities (I.E dog bags, water bowls, flash light,etc.) The material is very nice on your hands and has an interesting texture! I really enjoy the collar it is very bright and you can still see it with all of Quinn’s fluff! It has a belt buckle style clip and it is very easy to adjust and put on and off as well! I enjoy that the collars are not too bulky and look great on both large and small dogs! Petoji is the perfect company for anyone who hikes or is outdoors a lot with their dogs! The leashes and collars are so easy to clean and will not stay sopping wet and smelly! I personally enjoy the solid color leashes and collars (this is all the company has) and I would really love to maybe see hands free leashes in the future or even harnesses! The leash retails for $34.99 and the collar retails for $19.99-23.99, If you are interested in your own Petoji Leash or collar be sure to check them out at! Thank you so much Petoji for sending us your products to review, we give this company and its products a 10/10!

The Adventure Collar
Adventure Leash!
They Look wonderful on Quinn
If you walk me Mom I will just do it myself!
The colors look absolutely amazing!
Thank you so much Petoji for letting us review your products!

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