GiftBasket.Pet Product Review

GiftBasket.Pet is a wonderful small company, that offers a new and unique gift idea for your pup or any dog lover!

How adorable! GiftBaskets.Pet has the cutest packaging!

What We Received

One “Coffee Anyone?” Gift Basket

 GiftBasket.Pet is such a very different and exciting new gift idea for your pup! Not only cute and creative, the products inside of the baskets are very high quality! In our coffee themed basket we got one “Starbarks” plush dog toy, which is seriously the cutest! And two treats, one was a bag of two sorta peanut butter cup treats! They had a biscuit like cup, with a peanut butter filling, and a white icing top including a little icing paw! The other treat was a large Wetnose pumpkin treat, hand wrapped with a bow by the wonderful people at GiftBasket.Pet! The Wetnose dog treat is a large, crunchy like biscuit and smells very peanut buttery with a hint of pumpkin! Our “Starbarks” plus toy is absolutely adorable, and looks almost identical to a Starbucks cup! It has a brown cup with a green emblem that reads ” Starbarks Frenchie Roast” including a French Bulldog in the middle! The top of the cup is sorta cone shaped and white to mimic whipped cream and includes a caramel ribbon wrapped around it to act as caramel topping! And lastly there is a little green straw sticking out of the side! This toy is built so nicely and has survived over three days, with my insanely destructive dog (ehemm Quinnley!)  most of the time plush toys do not survive the day, so this one is great! I love the packaging of the gift box, simple yet so cute! It was is a brown gift box (currently being used as a treat box!) with some yellow and white “paper worms” I loved them because they matched the theme of the box! The box with all our gifts in it was all wrapped up in some clear wrapping with a big bow that had puppy paws on it! The “Coffee Anyone” gift basket retailed for   $32.99 and that was the highest priced item on their shop! If you are interested in purchasing a basket be sure to check out! This is a great gift for the holidays coming up, your pups birthday (they have birthday themed baskets too!) or just a random fun little gift! Personally I think they should expand and add a mystery basket, I would defiantly purchase that! But overall I love the company and the thought and effort they put into every basket! And for that I give this product and the company a 10/10! Thank you so much for allowing us to review your product GiftBasket.Pet!

Our gorgeous basket from GiftBaskets.Pet!
Our “StarBarks” toy
Mom can we please open it, I’m tired of watching you look at how adorable it is!
Yummy treats for me?!
These treats get Quinnley’s seal of approval !
Our other treat we received! Mom would not let me try it when we were taking pictures since I had already had a few! But it was delicious!
Giving my basket a hug! we loved it so much! Thank you Giftbaskets.Pet for letting us try it out!

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