Petqwerks Product Review

Petqwerks is a pet supply company that unique and entertaining toys for your pooch! They make anything from squeaky toys, plush toys and even toys that talk to your pup! If you need a fun toy that will keep your dogs attention then Petqwerks is your place!

New toys, for me!?!?

What We Received

One “Babble Ball”

One “Chicken Flavored Nylon Antler”

Quinnley absolutely enjoyed the toys he received! And I love how well they keep him entertained and how it seems to be giving him a challenge! The “Babble Ball” is such an exciting and different toy! The toy itself seems very simple at first, it is just a blue plastic ball. But as soon as your pup paws at it, bumps it, pushes it or rolls it, the toy begins to make noise! There are up to 20 sounds and phrases it makes and some of them are hilarious! My favorite the ball has made would have to be “Oh Nice Doggy” I think that is the funniest thing ever! I do have to say at first Quinnley was wary about the ball, especially when it made the barking and growling like noise! But it did not take long before we absolutely fell in love with it! The nylon antler is a wonderful alternative to regular antlers, as these will not chip and break! Quinnley loved it, maybe even more than a regular antler! Personally I think it is the smell that drives them to it, unfortunately that means the smell is very strong so we could not have it inside the house (As myself and my family are very sensitive to smells). But for the first two days or so it was a wonderful outside toy, and I went back to check on it and the smell was not nearly as strong! Overall if you can deal with the smell or want an outdoor toy the nylon antlers are wonderful for you! I give this product a 9/10 just because of the smell, but would totally order more because of how much my pup loves it! If you would like to purchase your own “babble ball” or nylon antler, check them out here:

The “Babble Ball” retails for 10.99 plus shipping and the Nylon Antler retails for 8.99 plus shipping! Thank you so much Petqwerks, we love and enjoy our stuff so much!

Can I open them mom, please?
What we received
Thank you so much Petqwerks for our amazing toys!


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