Hartz Pets Product Review

Hartz Pets is an amazing pet company that makes almost any product imaginable! And we are delighted to tell you all what we think about the products they sent us!

I am one lucky boy, thanks to Hartz Pets!

What We Received

One “Chew’n Clean Tough Bone”

One “Dura Play Bacon Scented Toy”

One Plush Duck Toy

One Bag of “Pig Skin Twists”

Two Bags Of “Delectables Stew”

Two Boxes Of “Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Drops”

One “Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Collar”

One Bottle Of “Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Spray”

One Bottle of “Ultra Guard Plus Rid Flea and Tick Shampoo

Hartz Pets was very generous and sent us a lot of things to review! I’m going to start off with the Flea and Tick Products! These products are amazing for us since we live in the south, and with Quinn’s double coat I have to be extra sure we keep Fleas and Ticks away. The Flea and Tick Drops are great, Quinn doesn’t mind it being applied to his fur at all, and in the past they have worked wonderful for us! The Collar is a very different and nice way to prevent fleas and ticks! It is fully adjustable to your pet and prevents flea and ticks for 7 months! The shampoo is great, it contains oatmeal in it which is wonderful for sensitive skin or irritated skin from bites! This shampoo has a wonderful smell to it, that leaves your pup smelling fresh and clean! Lastly the spray is my favorite out of them all, this is so easy to apply and contains aloe to soothe bitten up skin as well! It kills fleas and ticks for up to 7 days and prevents them from hatching for a month! I think this spray is perfect after a hike or spending long times outdoors, you just give your pup a quick spray down and they are protected! Next Quinnley’s favorite part.. The toys! Our “chew’n  clean” toy is so great! It is the perfect toy when it is time to have our quite time! We give it to Quinn and he takes it to his bed or crate and we all relax for a bit before it is back to play time! I love that this toy keeps him entertained while cleaning his teeth! Our “Dura Play” toy is Quinn’s favorite, he loves the smell and it is wonderful to play fetch with! He will carry this toy around the house just Squeaking it, and in the backyard he enjoys throwing it in the air for himself to dive and catch it! Our last toy we received is this duck plus toy, it was super adorable and had a grunter type noise maker in it! It was great to play fetch and tug of war with, later on that night he was messing with it and long story short our duck got gutted! I should have know better since he can be a destroyer, that once we were not playing tug or fetch he would find some way to kill it! But our dogs enjoyed it and it is a small enough hole that a needle and thread would fix it right up! Sadly at the moment we can not review any of our food or treat items, Quinn was just recently very sick and he is still coming off of his bland diet! So I can not through some other treats into the mix for fear of him getting sick again, but we will update as soon as he gets to try them out! Thank you Hartz Pets for sending us some delightful and unique goodies! If you are interested in checking out what else they have to offer or purchasing some amazing things for your furry friend be sure to check out their website http://www.hartz.com

Our Chew’n Clean toy!
Our Dura Play toy in action!
For more pictures of me enjoying my Hartz Pets toys and treats be sure to check out our instagram @quinnley_themini! A big thank you to Hartz Pets for all our goodies!

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