Pet ‘N Shape Product Review

We were sent some amazing treats from Pet ‘N Shape to try out and let everyone know what we think about them! Pet ‘N Shape never has any wheat, corn, soy, additives, preservatives, or coloring! They are grain and gluten-free, and all around delicious for  your pups!

When can I try these, mom?

What We Received

One Bag of “100% Natural Chicken Liver Plus treats for dogs”

One Sample Package of “Natural Beef Lung Chunx”\

Let me start off by saying this company is amazing! Their treats are geared towards having happy and healthy pups! Plus my dogs absolutely love them! I enjoy that they are natural treats and they have little to no smell, Which means if you use them for training treats when your out and about they are not going to stink up your bag! The first treats we tried out were the “100% Natural Chicken Liver Plus treats for dogs”. These treats are so different, they include chicken liver, sweet potato, and broccoli! These treats are made with real vegetables and are high in protein. Right away when I opened the bag Quinn was interested, and worked very hard for the treat! The treats are the perfect size for training treats and can be broken up very easily if you want them smaller! The “Natural Beef Lung Chunxs” are great for the pups too! They are a little bigger and do not break apart as easily, but are a wonderful reward after a training season! All of Pet ‘N Shape’s treats are very simple ingredients, which is great for puppies with sensitive stomachs! I also love that they have treats with things such as chicken liver and beef lung, as Quinnley loves that sort of thing but most of the time I cannot handle the smell! These treats are really odorless and you would not even be able to tell that is what you are holding, if you are someone who gets squeamish about that sort of thing these are wonderful for you! The treats Pet ‘N Shape sent us retail for about $4.25, and can be found on a variety of stores such as or! If you are interested in purchasing some you can check out to see what stores nearest to you carry it or what online stores do! You can also see their wide variety of treats and chewz they have, not just for dogs either! In conclusion these treats and this company are amazing! And we give them a 10/10, I will definitely be ordering some in the future! Thank you Pet ‘N Shape so much these are some of Quinnley’s favorite treats!

Chicken Liver Plus Treats
Natural Beef Lung Chunx
Um, I do not think this is a treat!
Thank you Pet ‘N Shape! We LOVE these treats so much!

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